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annals of family medicine

annals of family medicine

Series 22 summary. Nonrefereed, online collection only. Despite this, practices are showing remarkable adaptiveness by significantly increasing their outreach to community organizations and adopting wise and flexible use of telehealth despite payment concerns. RESULTS Of 719 randomized study participants, 2 were lost and 4 exited early. The Hastings Center - Ethics Resources on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Ten items rate cold symptoms, and 9 evaluate quality-of-life functional impairment. Nynke D. Scherpbier-de Haan, MD, et al, Department of Primary and Community Care, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The author discusses three lessons that could guide these reforms. Permanent URL:, To date short-term funding and policy fixes for the COVID-19 pandemic have focused on saving the current health care system; policies have not maximized the population's health, prioritized the safety net, or addressed our most vulnerable neighbors. Power estimates were informed by data collected during our previously published echinacea trial41 and by validation studies on the WURSS-21 instrument.43–46. Secondary Outcomes and Side Effects, by Study Group. Standardized effect size of pill groups compared with no-pill group. Perhaps the best evidence in this regard relates to depression, where most of the benefits attributable to antidepressants appear to be placebo effects,21–23 and where placebo response is “variable, substantial, and growing” over time.24 This makes sense. Anyone with a history of allergic rhinitis or asthma was excluded if he or she reported itchy eyes, sneezing, cough, or shortness of breath. Annals of Family Medicine - インパクトファクター The Journal Impact 2019 of Annals of Family Medicine is 3.500, which is just updated in 2020. 2 October, 2020. Primary outcomes were illness duration and area-under-the-curve global severity. The Annals of Family Medicine Jul 2011, 9 (4) 312-322; DOI: 10.1370/afm.1250 Share This Article: Copy Tweet Widget Facebook Like Google Plus One Jump to section Article Abstract … Echinacea tablets included root extracts of Echinacea purpurea and E angustifolia.35 Placebo and echinacea tablets measured 9 mm by 19 mm and were covered by reddish brown digestible coatings. For this subsample of those who believed in the benefits of echinacea, those assigned placebo appeared to do as well or better than those assigned echinacea, regardless of whether they were in the group blinded to placebo or the open-label group (Tables 2⇑ and 3⇑). Discussion: In the comments: A 20 March 2020 JAMA editorial calls on readers to share their "creative immediate solutions for how to maximize the use of PPE, to conserve the supply of PPE, and to identify new sources of PPE. The study design reported here provided the advantage of being able to test for specific effects of echinacea in addition to the main focus on effects related to placebo and expectancy. The data, however, are consistent with modest placebo effects attributable to receiving pills, regardless of the content of those pills. Looking at placebo effects across a wide range of expectancies may dilute effects in participants with positive expectancy by averaging them with results of participants with neutral or even negative expectancies. Compared with the no-pill group, those blinded to placebo averaged colds that were slightly shorter (−0.16 days; 95% CI, −0.90 to 0.58 days) and less severe (−22 points; 95% CI, −70 to 26), differences that were not statistically significant. Mean duration and global severity among the 32 participants randomly assigned no pills was 8.41 days and 374 points, compared with 5.83 days and 277 points for the participants blinded to placebo (n = 25), 7.10 days and 275 points for the participants blinded to echinacea (n = 33), and 7.07 days and 264 points for the participants in the open-label echinacea group (n = 30). Four of the 6 assessed side effects were reported most frequently in the no-pill group. Although the magnitude and universality of placebo effects have been questioned,25–27 blinding (concealment, masking) of matched active and placebo control groups has remained a fundamental component of clinical trials. When antidepressants were first developed, there was a great deal of skepticism about whether pharmacologically active drugs could influence depression, long considered a problem of mental, not physical, health. Finally, our greatest thanks go to the many research participants who volunteered their attention, energy, and good will during a time of illness. March 27, 2020 02:44 pm News Staff – In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Annals of Family Medicine has announced a call for papers containing COVID-19 related content. Some trialists have chosen to use composite endpoints, a choice that for theoretical and practical reasons is controversial.56,57 For composite endpoints to be meaningful, they should be theoretically justified and specified in advance. Series 21 summary. The difficulties that the health system has had in providing an adequate response and care for people with Long covid, united by the uncertainty of facing an unknown disease, has led them to share their experiences through social networks and to organize themselves in groups. Consistent with a priori hypotheses, trends toward apparent placebo benefit widened among those who rated echinacea’s effectiveness highly, with illnesses 1.31 to 2.58 days shorter and 26% to 29% less severe for those assigned pills compared with those assigned no pills. Conflicts of interest: authors report none. Over half (56%) of primary care clinicians have seen an increase in negative impact on patients’ health. This qualitative study of 19 adult patients interviewed after video visits with their primary care clinician found that patients accept and even prefer video visits to in-person office visits. Editorial: Covid-19 is Harshly Testing our Capacities as Physicians and Medical Staffers - (Washington Post published 28 Marhc 2020), Ishani Ganguli, MD, MPH @IshaniG But average MCID or SID is only part of the story, as health values vary tremendously across patients.61–63 For low-risk interventions, such as vitamins or herbal medicine, our data suggest that more than one-quarter of the population would consider worthwhile an intervention that would reduce overall severity by 20%,63 or the length of a cold by 12 hours,62 degrees of benefit that are well within the plausible benefit range suggested by the data shown here. Directly after consent, the larger outer envelope was opened to reveal allocation to no pill (25%), blinded to a pill (50%), or open-label pill (25%). Belief in the effects of echinacea (expectancy) was assessed at intake by asking, “Have you ever taken echinacea before?” Participants answering yes were then asked, “How effective do you think that echinacea is?” Participants scored responses on a 100-mm visual analogue scale ranging from 0 (totally ineffective) to 100 (extremely effective). Results of this trial do not support a powerful placebo effect in the common cold. Our sample was 64% female and 88% white, with 84% reporting at least some college education, and 36% reporting household incomes of $25,000 per year or less. These findings support the general idea that beliefs and feelings about treatments may be important and perhaps should be taken into consideration when making medical decisions. Annals of Family Medicine is published by Annals of Family Medicine, Inc., which is located in the United States. For the 120 participants who at baseline rated echinacea’s effectiveness greater than 50 on the 100-mm expectancy scale, apparent placebo effects were more pronounced. Speculations aside, we interpret the results reported here as suggestive of placebo effects in common cold, especially among those who believe in a therapy, but conclude that these effects are not large; instead, they are limited and nuanced. A committee that monitored data and safety met annually to review enrollment, retention, and adverse effects. Multivariate models adjusting for potential confounders yielded nonsignificant trends toward pill benefit, with 0.35, 0.62 and 0.26 days reduced duration for the 3 pill groups compared with the no-pill group. The authors describe a telemedicine project in Brazil that included the development of a teleconsulting hotline, increased efficiencies in referral protocolas, and telediagnosis services. Permanent URL:, By Esperanza Martin Correa, Gemma Torrell Vallespin Each item is rated on a conventional Likert scale, in which 0 = none, 1 = very mild, 3 = mild, 5 = moderate, and 7 = severe. Essay: Covid-19: Don’t Forget the Impact on US Family Physicians - (BMJ published 26 March 2020), Douglas Kamerow, Robert Graham Center  Nine months in, COVID-19 is again surging, 63% of practices have staff out due to illness or quarantine, 1 in 5 lack sufficient testing supplies, and over half report increased patient distrust of medical information from public leaders. Annals of Family Medicine 出版社 : ANNALS OF FAMILY MEDICINE ISSN: 1544-1709 巻数: Vol.19 発行回数: 6 回 お気に入りに登録 Tweet 購読タイプ 購読期間 定価 Indiv. Introducing our new blog for family medicine case notes from the COVID-19 front lines.

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