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monitor shuts off but computer stays on

monitor shuts off but computer stays on

Ok I am a little lost here. Boot into the BIOS and look at them in there. I hooked up my monitor to another computer and it wouldn't turn on. site. Hanseens has a 1000 watt Corsair PSU with 80A @12v. I think your monitor is fine but your system won't post. yes, the monitor is turning off while I am on the computer, I have the same problem myself, the computer screen turns off while the hard drive stays on. The power button remains green but the screen is black. This can happen when I've played for like 1 hour, 30min or even just a couple of minutes, I haven't experienced this happening when watching movies or such. If you can't enter the BIOS with your present keyboard then try using a PS/2 type keyboard. Sorry, I apparently did not scroll down enough and missed that, though I thought I went back to see if the PS was listed. Well, the monitor is losing signal, so all I will have to do is restarting the computer again, but it will shut itself off again when starting a game. and liability for the content of Computing.Net and its accuracy. Could be a glitch on the sensor settings. The information on Computing.Net is the opinions of its users. However, your 3.3v, 5v, +12v are all out of spec. I got red LED lights inside of my computer that stays on aswell as the fans also stays on. I have rigged a 60mm fan, approx 4CFM, to the rear louvers of the monitor to blow inward. If I turn the fan off it shuts off in about a min. Did u try another monitor? My monitor shuts off, (blacks out) I do easily see that the LED is not on, and the green/blue button on the monitor turns orange (on, but no signal). My monitor goes on standby and it kind of loses signal from the pc because nothing like alt+f4 or stuff like that works. So, I'm drawing a blank at what else it could be. With the errant voltage it probably is a power supply that is going. If anyone reading this can guide me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. I have a few things that might be the problem, but still don't know how to solve it:- Failing PSU- Failing GPU- Dust, PC SPECS:- XFX Radeon HD 6970- Intel Core i7 quad processor i7-920- Corsair Powersupply ATX, CMPSU-1000HXEU, Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks. I tried to turn off the computer but i can't do that from the power button. My PSU isn't actually a cheapie, but of course, yes it might have f* up aswell!I have heard that before, that the reason for this problem might be a failing psu. Your readings are much lower than that. Why? Dell monitor Turns Black But system Is On, my computer is on power safe mode and wont go. this just started a few days ago where I would be on the computer the monitor would turn off but the computer would stay on. I am using a Acer M1202 desktop computer and using Windows Vista OS. site. I got the same model new monitor from dell warranty but the problem did not stop, it kept going. opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk. Where do I find this in the BIOS, and what values do you want me to type in? Display turns off while computer stays on. I tried a different monitor and the same thing happened. Not a cheapie. Such Computer stays on however monitor turns off. Get it from the link below. When I'am playing games, my monitor randomly shuts off, the audio aswell.. however the computer stays on! Numlock is usually a BIOS setting and the fact that you cannot get in there to check does make one suspect that the voltages really are as given and you need a new PSU. Are you having trouble getting the system to boot? I have also tried a different monitor but still have the same problem. However the computer shuts off. I am now on the second monitor from dell and both have had the issue where it starts shutting off after 30 or so seconds. My monitor shuts off during games, but the computer stays on, Alienware M15x laptop screen shuts off but computer still on. Are you having trouble shutting down the system? This computer was working fine for some months, the my problem started. When the monitor turns off, the PC stays on and the fan starts to work very loudly. Still could be going bad though. I hooked up my laptop to an external monitor and it works fine up until my laptop gets the black screen then my external monitor goes blank as well. From your post I am having trouble understanding the issue. If that's not your scene then taking it for repair is the only option. You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane. [Solved] My Monitor will randomly shut off -cannot find signal-. I've tried to install new drivers, I have also tried to remove dust from inside of the computer. You said you ran anti virus and anti spyware this tells me the computer is working and that the monitor is coming on. + It can't be an overheating problem, cause my temps are below 60*C even when gaming. why does my computer shut off by itself won't turn on again? Do you think I will have to change my PSU? Sometimes I have the computer on for 8 hours, play 1 game, then close it and when I try to open it again, it happens. Computing.Net and Compnet Ventures, LLC hereby disclaim all responsibility Fitting a PSU is not so difficult but again if you've not done it before you might prefer to get someone with experience to do so. Laptop Screen shuts off but computer is still running Hi, I already have this program. For example, 3.3v x .95 = 3.135V. For instance, launching a game would cause my monitor to turn off.

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